Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my artwork.


JANIS GILL WARD moved from New Jersey to Little Rock as a child and has lived in Pine Bluff, AR most of her life. After receiving a BA from the U. of A, she now splits her time between Fayetteville, AR and Pompano Beach, FL. She has attended over 55 art workshops from CA to MA, France to Mexico, studying under many well-known artists such as Milford Zornes, Carol Barnes, Gerald Brommer, Maxine Masterfield and most extensively with M. Douglas Walton, Ruston LA. " Watercolor is my favorite medium because of the unexpected happenings that add mystery and delight to a painting. Sometimes I paint semi realistic, sometimes abstract, or plein air, as being out-of-doors is a joy to me. Biblical thoughts and environmental concerns are often expressed through my art. One of my main themes is the loss of habitat by the world creatures we push out by building more and more housing developments and malls. So I try to show the amazing beauty of our insects, animals and birds and the exquisiteness of our natural places before they disappear. Perhaps my art will encourage those who see it to get out and explore the woods and streams and enjoy nature enough to want to help preserve it. For I believe, that man is connected to even the very fragile of our earth's life forms, and that only through conservation can these be saved to prevent humanity's complete extinction."
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